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You could say that sleep is one of the three pillars of health with diet and exercise. But actually, it is really a foundation that empowers diet and exercise.  When we are sleep deprived our workout is less intense, strength and muscle contraction is compromised and our risk of injury increases.  Sleep loss disrupts metabolism,  increases insulin resistance.  Without good sleep two appetite hormones are affected.  The one that tells your body is full drop, the hunger stimulating hormone that tells your body is hungry increases, the one that tells your body it’s full decreases So we eat more calories than we need and crave unhealthy food. Sleep triggers our immune system so with just one bad night of sleep there is a 70% drop in immune response cells. 

And that doesn't include the impact on our well being an our functioning.  

  • Studies show that brain cells (neurons) physically shrink during sleep and the intercellular spaces expand

  • The cerebral spinal fluid literally washes the brain, taking away the waste products accumulated from day time brain use

Insomnia is a growing public health problem. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 48% of Americans suffer from occasional insomnia, while a 22% report nightly sleep interruptions. Recent studies show extended sleep deprivation can have serious consequences for one’s health; most especially one’s brain health. Mediations can help for a limited amount of time but there can be side effects;

Sleep is important.

Neurofeedback can help.  Studies have shown that users who have suffered from a variety of sleep issues and disorders have seen a huge shift in their quality and length of sleep in as little as 1-5 sessions. Sleep issues ranging from difficulties falling, staying or getting back to sleep, night terrors and nightmares through to severe cases of insomnia have all been helped over the last 15 years through the use of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback.

Call me to see if this would be a good fit for your sleep issues.

Hopeful words from a client:

Dramatic and immediate improvement on my sleep (slept 9 hours last night!)


My sleep patterns have been terrible. I was waking up ever 1-2 hours and would be awake for 1-2 hours, tossing, turning and could never find a comfortable position. When I would sleep, it was a restless and dissatisfying. I’d wake up exhausted yet relieved the night was over. I go through phases like this once or twice a year that last for 2-3 months and there seems to be no reason. I don’t do caffeine, I exercise regularly, eat well, I don’t drink or do drugs. I do everything recommended by sleep experts. Nothing works.


Yesterday however, after 8 days of a “bad sleep phase”, I tried a Neurofeedback session. And last night I slept for 9 hours. I never sleep that long. I woke up twice, but went back to sleep instantly. My sleep was restful and deep. I actually could’ve slept more but had to get up. I feel awake and alert. I feel amazing.


I’m doing another session now as I write this to share with others that struggle like this to give them hope.  It might help them too. To be fair, this wasn’t my first NFB session. I know the benefits can accumulate. I’ve done 10-12 session to help with other things like anxiety, and found it made me more calm and clear in my mind so I can think and manage my life better. And every time I’ve done it, it’s helped with my sleep. But I’d never had results this dramatic and immediate.


If you struggle with sleep, and have tried everything, NFB could be an answer for you like it’s been for me. It'll be worth the time and money 1000 times over.

Erika B.


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"Sleep is one of the most democratic, freely available, efficacious forms of health care"


Matthew Walker, author "Why We Sleep"


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