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Coaching Clarity Packages

In just 5 sessions you can be in a different place from the muddled, insecure, unclear or unproductive space you’re in right now.  

We all get lost in ourselves and can’t find our way out. All of us.  Sometimes we just need a quick kick to snap us out of it and sometimes we need something more that will get us out of a deep rut that we’ve been digging for years.  Either way it’s good to be able to think about it clearly and finally feel like you have some traction on an issue that’s been stagnant and hard.



At the end of our coaching package (and even the first session) you will feel better for sure, but the work that we do in our sessions goes beyond feeling better. Through our conversations I am also teaching you a way to think differently. This new perspective changes how you think about everything in your life and it lasts and becomes a new normal.  It’s a healthier way to think without being extra work, it makes life easier and richer. Call me for details and pricing 360.708.8169.

5 Session Clarity Coaching Package - Anxiety

Get a handle on your high functioning anxiety


Anxiety is a habit.  It’s a way of thinking about ourselves and our lives that has tension built into it.  Yes there are anxiety producing things in life but those come and go. The kind of anxiety that most people live in is just us making ourselves miserable and not able to see what to do about it.  In just 5 sessions we can upack some of the things that bring anxiety in your life and help you think about those things in a healthy way. I will also teach you some super helpful things about how to handle anxious thinking when it comes around threatening to ruin things. It’s a new way to relate to anxiety and will change how anxiety affects you for the rest of your life.  Life feels totally different when we are not under the blanket of anxiety that we often get used to. We’re more powerful, clear and happy with very little effort. 


5 Session Clarity Coaching Package - Decisions

Make the decision already!


We make decisions every day but somehow there are always those decisions that make us feel like it’s tearing us apart and we can’t seem to commit one way or another and it’s agonizing.  Should you leave your job or your husband, spend money on something big or take a leap and start a new career. It looks like the consequences are dire, and sometimes they are, but we frequently underestimate how much our thinking affects the agony of indecision we feel.  Come in and talk it through and you’ll find that there’s a lot of clarity in your mind that has been obscured by fear. Clarity feels so much better than indecision and once you get out from under that feeling you’ll be surprised how much becomes obvious. And the skills you learn in this process you can take forward into your life and find the challenges you face are easier to deal with.

5 Session Clarity Coaching Package - Relationship

I cannot handle this person but I can’t get them out of my life


Husband, daughter, son, mother in law, boss or coworker.  There are a lot of people that are built into our lives that cause us a lot of hurt and pain. Although we are often stuck with those people, there’s a lot we can do about how much they affect us.  I can help you shift your thinking about that person so they get to you less. In addition to feeling less oppressed by them, you also will feel clearer and stronger and can make better decisions about how to structure your time with them.  There is freedom in this relationship even if you feel stuck. And you’ll be surprised how sometimes when you get out from old patterns the other person responds in ways that you may not have expected.


5 Session Clarity Coaching Package - Feeling more engaged and alive

I just wish I were happier more often and had more confidence in my future


Even if we have a lot of things to be grateful for in our life we often end up feeling stale, numb, chronically stressed or just plain unhappy.  We remember what it’s like to be happy and we are happy sometimes but not enough. It turns out that those feelings are really just a habit of thought that we get accustomed to and it becomes normal in our minds.  Once we talk it through and unpack some of the invisible thinking that you don’t even realize you’re doing you’ll find that the feeling starts to lift more often and you get clarity about the things that need to change in your life. In addition, the insight you gain as we figure this out together will stay with you and you will have a new way to relate to your feelings and your life that will make you a stronger and more secure person so you are able to handle adversity and challenges better going forward. 


5 Session Clarity Coaching Package - Making that change

I want to make a change in my life but I don’t have the courage


Sometimes we know what we have to do in our life but we just can’t seem to do it, and then there’s the lurking doubt that maybe we shouldn’t do it.  Either way it torments us and yet we can live for years without doing anything about it. Come in and let’s talk about it. We can take all of the factors out of your head and see what they look like in the light of day.  There is always thinking that lurks around making the whole thing fearful and anxiety producing. In our conversation we can see what invisible thinking is and get out from under it. Once the factors are clear and you clear out the cobwebs of old thinking you’ll find the clarity is refreshing and things are surprisingly obvious and easier and you'll have new skills to bring to all future transitions you may face.


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