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You want things in your life to run optimally.  That's why you get the oil changed in your car.  You know that if you don't maintain it and get it properly repaired it will break down and it will be a problem for your life.  But somehow we do not do the same for our minds. Maybe you take the occasional vacation or have a hobby to temporarily clear your head, but do you really maintain your mind?


Many common problems like headaches, stress related illness, and anxiety are a function of the mind and the brain working sub-optimally.  There are patterns of thought, both conscious and unconscious, that build up and  and become our "normal" and these patterns become who we are.  But that can change. We can change our habits, we can change the neuropathways in our brain and we can properly repair our mind, often reversing the long term effects of those habits. 


With neurofeedback you can then live in a clear mind more of the time.

What is neurofeedback? It is a safe, natural, non-invasive, side-effect free way to improve overall quality of life and address dysfunctional problems by restoring natural and healthy brain function. Click here to see a list of all ways that neurofeedback can help people. Click here to learn more.

What neurofeedback can do for you:

Relieve symptoms that are disruptive or debilitating in your life

Repair your brain from an injury, trauma, or just the wear and tear of life

Relax and rejuvenate your feeling and your ability to handle life

Maintain your brain with


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