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Leadership Coaching

You have a tremendous amount going for you as a leader:


  • You have leadership qualities that come naturally to you  

  • Through many trainings, books and workshops you have learned leadership skills that have empowered those natural leadership abilities

  • And don’t forget your years of experience as a leader in your work, family and community


You’ve got the goods, you know how to use them.  Now it’s time to leverage them. It’s trite, but it’s true: you are not working to your potential. We've all had times in our leadership lives when we've been "on our game" or in the zone or have just felt supremely clear, efficient and productive. Sometimes those are externally motivated, we've had a great team assembled or we've loved the project.  But the empowerment we have felt in those moments is not due to circumstance.  It came from inside of you and there's more where that came from.  

Stress, overwhelm, tenuous relationships, personal issues and exhaustion compromise what we bring to our life as a leader. 

The challenges in life that bring these obstacles can’t be avoided.  Life is hard.  But it can be easier without changing life.

Through a few simple interventions you can learn to gain perspective on your thinking so you operate from a clear mind which brings personal empowerment without drugs and without distracting techniques. 

The modalities I use:


  • A unique model of coaching:This is not goal oriented coaching, technical coaching, skill-based coaching.  There is a power and potential to our minds that  we innocently ignore.  We can learn how we all get caught up in our thinking without realizing it and how we can more easily navigate our way thorough our life and our thinking which brings a clear mind.  That’s the most effective, efficient, and satisfying way to operate and it's how we all want to operate, that's where inspiration, grace and empowerment live. In a simple series of conversations, using your life, your challenges and your strengths as a context you can learn that. 

  • Neurofeedback: You can augment your coaching program with neurofeedback, an innovative but non-invasive brain-training program that can help you regain your focus and reduce mental clutter that can impact memory and organization. It’s like a training gym to help your brain make new connections that keep it in balance, which helps better regulate emotional states, improves attention and focus, and enhances working memory. For anyone in business, all of these skills are keys to improving your performance edge, helping you break out of patterns or start new ones, and sharpening your cognitive performance over time. Neurofeedback has been used by top athletes, musicians and executives to naturally, effectively enhance performance. 

If you would like to empower your leadership in a simple but profound way, call me and let's get together and talk about whether this is a good fit for you.


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If you're in a leadership position you need a coach.  You want to evolve in your role and in your professional life but it's hard enough to juggle all of your responsibilities, demands and think about the higher level needs of your role and your business without thinking about yourself.

Whether you have a goal you're trying to reach, an obstacle that you can't seem to get around or an upcoming challenge that you could use support during, an outside, objective voice is always beneficial. A good coach can be that voice but will also be teaching you to find that voice within yourself.

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