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You're not broken but you have problems. You need someone to talk to about your life. To sort things out and figure out if you're seeing things right. Maybe you have chronic bad habits in your thinking: anxiety, negativity, worry, you need to turn those around. Make some changes in the way you think about things, then see if you need to make changes in your life and be able to see how to make them without regret and with the perspective needed to do it right. Maybe you're just stuck and need to see a way out of the groove you've been living in, or want a vision of a different future that you can take part in creating.

Carolyn's experience of coaching with Kara

Carolyn's experience of coaching with Kara

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I'm not a therapist. I'm not a traditional life coach who helps people meet their goals.  I do something different that has a transformative effect on the lives of my clients.  I have spent 20 years teaching my clients a way of thinking and understanding their thinking and the way their minds work. It's a simple understanding that I share in innocuously,  through our conversations and dialog.  I listen, I share a new perspective and I point out how it looks different and why.  You learn and you change without noticing but you leave feeling better and with tools to help yourself going forward that you didn't even realize you'd gained.

It's a different way of getting help but it's effective, empowering, lasting and you always walk away with greater insight into your life.

The modality I use


In my coaching practice I use an approach called The Three Principles.  It's a relatively new (40 years) approach to helping people.  It's not a therapy, it's an educational model that teaches clients about how their mind works, including how their thinking affects them, and the resources we have within ourselves that makes it hopeful that we can feel better even under bad circumstances.


It is a completely different way of understanding yourself and it has a very revolutionary and empowering feeling associated with it, and it's simple.  So simple that you wonder why you didn't see it before. It has changed my life and the lives of my clients. You can read more about me and how I came to do this work here.


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