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Chemo Brain

The brain is an amazing organ that can handle a lot of things we throw at it but cancer and treatments for cancer, including chemotherapy, can change the brain. It's a small price to pay for being cancer free but the effects of chemotherapy can be devastating.  The oncologists and health professionals are wonderful and supportive but there are not a lot of effective ways of addressing the lingering symptoms of Chemo Brain.

Watch Jean talk about how this brought her back to her pre-cancer level of functioning that inspired her to research the effects.

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback resets the central nervous system which leaves space for the brain to create workarounds for changes that have occurred from cancer and chemotherapy.

Clients who have done brain training report:

  • Less fatigue,

  • Less depression and more stable mood

  • Fewer cognitive 

  • Sleep is normalized 

  • Clearer and less brain fog

  • more calm, less worries

Neurofeedback has calmed down the fear and given me energy and new ideas for the future.  I feel like myself again.          -J.A.


OMG I absolutely love brain training.  I experienced calm, clarity and amazing focus.  It lifted the chemo brain/brain fog and I was able to make decisions and get things done!"       -J.D.


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