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With impossible schedules, family commitments, expectations of others in our social circles and the pressures of social media it's tough to keep your bearings. The feeling of anxiety is the most prevalent issue I see in my practice.  There seems to me more pressure and resulting feelings of anxiety and overwhelm than there has been in previous generations. The pressure never stops and there are moments when it all seems too much.  In the end it's not too much and you take your head out of your hands and keep going.  But even if you're getting through life, you're not enjoying it as much as you could.  

But the feeling of anxiety is not created by the circumstances of our lives.  It just looks like it is.  In the same way that a person can have harmful bacteria in their body but not get sick because they have a healthy immune system, it is possible for a person to live a life with a lot of stressful circumstances and not live in chronic stress and anxiety.  In order to do that you have to strengthen yourself.  There are two ways I can help you do that:

Coaching for anxiety:

When you have a lot going on in your life and a lot on your mind it is so helpful to talk to someone and gain some perspective on your situation and what is really a concern.  That is one way that coaching helps, it gets things off your mind, allows you some perspective. I am a good listener.  I'm neutral, have no agenda and will be honest, straightforward and kind. Just being able to talk and get things out on the table is restorative. But coaching is actually much more than that.  I am preparing you for future adversity.  I am teaching you how to see and understand your anxiety. Once you understand it you handle it differently, you will leave with a different relationship to your anxiety and it will not affect you in the same way going forward.

In as few as 5 coaching sessions you can gain a new perspective on your life and the way anxiety affects you. You can feel very differently about the challenges you're up against and be able to benefit from and feel more fully the of beauty and joy that is already in your life.

Neurofeedback for anxiety:

Anxiety is a habit of thinking that keeps us looped in the regret of the past or fear of the future.  When we are in the present we don't experience anxiety.  Habits of thinking manifest as patterns in the brain.  These habits can condition the brain to remain in a hyper-vigilant state. Over time and through overuse, the physiology of the brain changes and the brain’s electrical patterns can become locked into this stressed state.  Neurofeedback is re-training your brain to be in the present.  It wants to be in the present, that's how it operates optimally and we know the brain is always striving to be efficient and optimal. Using EEG readings from your brain and giving feedback (an audible skip in the music from your headphones) your brain learns to be in the moment.  Neurofeedbackshifts your brain function from fight or flight to rest and repair.  Neurofeedback is non-invasive, effective, enjoyable and the results last.

Call me to see if if coaching or neurofeedback is a good fit for you 360.708.8169.

Don't underestimate the power of anxiety... or the relief from it

Whether disabling or a functional, chronic source of frustration and discomfort, anxiety is a hassle and  always disruptive to our lives and it's taking a toll.  You know it.  It affects your health, your relationships, your family, your decisions and your compromises your enjoyment of life.

Anxiety is a habit that takes on a life of its own .  But truly, it is just a habit.  Don’t get me wrong, habits are formidable but habits can be broken and it's not as hard as going to the gym, and to break that habit is freeing and empowering.

Invest in yourself.  Seriously. If anxiety is a problem for you, take a leap and call me to see if coaching or neurofeedback might be a good fit for you.

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Anxiety can be a psychological disorder, but for most people it is a chronic feeling of being under pressure, unsettled, overwhelmed, and even numb.  It is a functional feeling; we can get through life and generally meet our obligations, but it's like walking around with a wet blanket over us.  It's heavy, uncomfortable and messy.  

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