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In 1992 I moved from the Bay Area in California to La Conner and commuted to Bellingham to get my masters Degree in psychology at Western Washington University. I loved it here and joined my family's consulting practice, Pransky and Associates which has become world renowned for their groundbreaking and innovative approach to helping people live happier and more fulfilling lives. We built a thriving practice bringing individuals, couples and families from all over the world to La Conner for 4-day transformational retreats.

About me

Kara Stamback, M.S.

Life and leadership coaching, naturally


Happier and well-balanced people make better husbands, wives and parents.  Of course they would make better employees, bosses and colleagues.  The modality I used in our family practice was neutral and educational, not personal and emotional.  It was a perfect approach for the business world.  Although it results in more reflective and positive feelings and greater connection to others, we didn't have to talk about feelings and we shared a simple and concrete logic that was effective and helpful to hard-nosed business people. The results were surprisingly effective and created a business based on referrals alone.

Seeing the impact on leaders, we realized the potential in the corporate setting and our company pioneered the implementation of this simple but profound way of developing leaders and brought it to companies all over the world including BAE Systems,  Navistar International and Chihuly Inc..  In my 25 year tenure at Pransky and Associates I refined my leadership and coaching skills teaching a new way of thinking that is effortless, generalizable, leveraged and efficient, bringing more ease, productivity and connection to the lives of my clients.

From local to global and back to local again


In 2012 I found myself inspired to leverage and scale the impact of our work.  As new partners in the business, my sister and I pioneered an online learning division of the company that brought the body of knowledge that had transformed the personal and professional lives of our clients into an effective and successful multimedia online course which debuted to rave reviews and was sold in 32 countries. Satisfying indeed, but with our global success something was still missing.  After graduating and contributing as a volunteer with Leadership Skagit, my heart called me back and I felt compelled to shift my focus to serve my local community.

The brain enters the scene

I have always been intrigued by innovation and a few years ago I encountered neuro-therapy. My son was having chronic stomach pain and children's hospital recommended neurofeedback so we ventured into a new world of brain optimization. My son and I did it together and although I enjoyed it and found my head refreshingly clear, I was overwhelmed by the response in my son. The chronic pain that had caused him to miss months of school went away within a few days. It returned some time later and after another few more sessions it was gone for good. After signing my entire family up for sessions, my daughter, who struggled with lack of focus, calmed down significantly and was able to participate in school without needing to be pulled out of class. I soon realized the potential that neurofeedback had to alleviate suffering for people in every walk of life and I was hooked. 


Neurofeedback was doing at an unconscious level exactly what the work I had been doing for 25 years with people was doing at a conscious level.  Both had the effect of clearing people's minds. Given that the logic was so consistent with the work I was already doing it seemed a natural pairing and a powerful and complementary set of resources to offer people.

My vision for your life

​Helping people clear their minds, that is what I do. In short and finite series of sessions I bring simple, non-invasive and leveraged ways to bring peace of mind, resilience to stress, openness, clarity, creativity and productivity to your life.


You want those things. You need those things.


Most people lose sight of the importance of them and sometimes even forget it's possible to have them, let alone feel entitled to them.  


Come see me because you: 

• are unhappy in your relationship or not settled in your work situation 

• are thinking about making a change in life but unsure how to proceed 

• are stuck in a hole (after cancer treatment, a major life change or a long haul in your life, for example)

• are just feeling flat and wondering if this is as good as it gets (spoiler: it isn't)

• have ADD, ADHD or would like to improve your ability to focus, pay attention and engage in life. 

• want relief for your beautiful and struggling child or teen from anxiety and ADD without medication 

• have migraines and you don't want to be on medication or the medication isn't working

• have an emotional trauma that you would like to get on the other side of

• are an athlete, musician or performer and would like to sharpen your focus to leverage your performance

• have sleep problems are disrupting your life 


Browse my website or call me for a complimentary conversation to see how I can help. Not sure if you should call? Do it. I'm super easy to talk to, I'll for sure have something interesting that you hadn't considered and I'm totally uninvested in whether you work with me or not. I just want you to know what's possible for you and what it could look like. 

Kara Stamback, M.S.

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