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Imagine what your life would be like if you could:
Be less reactive
Take on less stress
Feel more connected to your life
See your problems
and potential
solutions more clearly
And that's just the beginning...


 Solutions to your problems.

A satisfying and productive life.

I’m a coach and neuro-practitioner who helps people who struggle with the effects of stress, anxiety and overwhelming issues in their life to find peace of mind, clarity and a path to solutions to their problems.  By helping my clients access the untappped resources of their brains and minds they get a handle on their head, on their lives and create a more functional, productive, satisfying and enjoyable life. 

You might have debilitating migraines or a problem you just can think clearly enough to solve, a relationship that is plaguing you or you just feel chronically unhappy or stale.  But you want it to change.  


It can change.


You can optimize your brain and you can clean up your thinking and your mind.  Just like when you get your body in shape by eating better and exercising, you can get your mind in shape so it works more effectively.  But it's significantly easier to optimize your mind than it is to optimize your body


And it changes everything.

Neurofeedback works on an subconscious level to clean up the "bad habits" that you have been building in your brain for years so that your brain functions more optimally, with less static.  Just by sitting quietly in a chair listening to music, neurofeedback helps you to create new neuropathways that allow you to have less on your mind and feel more relaxed and less reactive to your life. 

In as few as 5 one-on-one life coaching or leadership coaching sessions you can get things off your mind, gain some perspective and learn a revolutionary approach to thinking about your life that allows you to live in more optimal states of mind so you can handle more than you thought possible with much less effort. 

The services I offer are an alternative approach that is non-invasive, natural and drug-free to helping focus, migraines, sleep habits, the effects of trauma, feelings of anxiety and more.

For both neurofeedback and personal coaching the perspective and results you gain are foundational and lasting.


210a Morris St. La Conner, WA
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